Thursday, December 01, 2005

nope, no luck this time.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Going for a FY1 job interview today. Yep, got the letter 2 days ago. I haven't really prepared anything for it. I think it's the one with 3 months of paediatric surgery and 3 months of adult surgery.

Hmmph, if I manage to get this job, everything will completely fall into place. But on second thought, I don't even know whether I want this job at the moment. I mean, I'll eventually start my job as a doctor in August and that will be my 'partner' for life later on. Working as a waitress on the other hand, is something that's temporary and, in fact, I'm enjoying myself immensely at the moment. The staff on the floor and in the kitchen are really friendly and I love serving the food and chat away with the customers. I dunno... we'll see how it goes. I'll cross the bridge when i get to it. Part of me still want that job so, wish me luck!! :)

p/s: why do i miss 'him' even more when I'm here? Can't wait to see you! :)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Ouchhhhhhhhh!!!!! Went with my mates to a beauty centre just now. One of my mates is getting married this weekend and she decided to have her eyebrows done. I was successfully persuaded to have mine done too coz my other mate has fallen into the trap. It was painful as hell!!! Never, never do it again.... I think they look alright to me but my pimple on my right eyebrow is bleeding!!! Hmm.. Is this what women have to go through just to look pretty?? Is beauty really that important? What's wrong with just going all natural (although there are few exceptions that do not need you to be under the surgeon's knife, if you know what I mean)?

The other day I was reading in the newspaper about two women, who happened to be mom and daughter, became one of the finalists for a beauty pageant contest. Being in a beauty contest is simply beyond my imagination, let alone appearing in the newspaper with my mom next to me, not as a mother, but my rival!!! With the pressure these days to be in a group where the public perceive to be beautiful, one can actually try the extremes just to fit in this society. Facelifts, botox, liposuction, skin tightening, breast enhancement and the list goes on. Why can't they just be happy with the those wonderful gifts from God. Isn't aging beauty too? People say that each of the line on your face reflects your maturity in life. It reminds you how things were different during your early years and now you're ready to face another stage in life. It helps to remind you that death is not too far and it's time for you to fulfill the unsettled things in life.

In fact, you must be an extremely shallow-minded person to think that beauty is solely judged by the size of her waist, eyes, smile, or the number of the ribs that appear underneath the Dior red-carpet dress. As lame as it might sound, beauty comes from within. It is enhanced by not just genes, but ones personality, culture, religion, the society that she grew up in, and education, just to mention a few, reflect the true beauty in a person. Although I do not dismiss the fact that a so-called pretty face or a sexy figure makes you look twice, but without the aforementioned entities, they are just another commercial face you see in magazines.