Saturday, December 17, 2005

Last night was awesome!! My first busy night as an assistant manager in the restaurant. We had so many bookings and at one point I thought I had a brain-breeze, trying to sort out the tables. Luckily we managed not to have to turn anyone down. There was this couple who came to the restaurant the other day and they called me by my name. I felt so flattered. He said that I was so nice to him that he wanted to give me his 'lucky dragon tea-pot', which he normally brings with him everytime he comes to the restaurant. Considering that he was actually half-drunk with Sake so I gently turned down his offer. I don't want him to have the worse hang-over the next morning, wondering where did the dragon go. The group gave us a big tip as well and I ended up giving him a pair of chopsticks to take home since he was so obsessed with them.

My life has been evolving around work and nothing else lately. This Monday will be a good day-off for me, hopefully. Planning to watch King Kong with some mates in Trafford Centre. Some people got really excited watching it (you know who you are ;p) so I guess I need to find out for myself what the fuss is all about. King Kong is the first and only movie that I remembered watching with my parents in a cinema in Penang. It was the old Odeon near KOMTAR. I dunno whether it's still there. My family does not fancy going to cinemas so we always rent out movies to watch at home. I still remember the scene where the King Kong kissed the girl and I remember myself pulling a face watching it... eeuuuwww... I mean, c'mon... it's a monster!!! and I was just 7, I think, or younger.. But this time, I can;t wait to watch it, especially with Jack Black going all so serious... heheh

Apart from someone visiting me sometime soon and the gig in sheffield, I have nothing else to look forwad to. I might get a hair cut soon since my hair is going all-tina turner lately. How short should it be? hmmmph. Everyone kept saying that I've put on weight but I just try to think that they were talking about someone else across the road. I know, but as long as I weigh 55kg or less, I'm still a happy-bunny. I had a friend who was trying to measure my body-fat percentage. I swear I was so close to poke him with a knife. Luckily he's gonna be my personal trainer starting january. :)

Ok lah... my lunch is ready. SPecial fried rice made by the Rizkee's assistant Chef... nyum nyumm..

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's been 2 days since they've gone back home. I'm missing them more than ever. The fine lines on their faces, the tired eyes, never once they've disappointed me. I just can't wait for the day when I've completed my tasks over here and go back home to take care of them. I love them so so much.

After a week of stuffing myself with 'nasi kandar', imported exclusively for me from Malaysia, combined with a lovely company in Newcastle, I'm now back to my normal life. My job is getting more and more complicated since I'm now playing a role as a temporary assistant manager in this restaurant. The assistant manager is now in Msia to attend his sister's wedding. I've never thought that my job will involve more than just taking orders and serving food and drinks. I've to now handle the till, the bar, delegate tasks to other colleagues, and manage the restaurant whenever the manager is not around. This weekend is definitely gonna be the busiest and the most challenging weekends for me since I've started this job. You see, I'm not really good with these things since my life only evolves around medicine and working in hospitals. I know how to treat patients and what to do at times of emergency, medical-wise, but not restaurant management. Challenging, yet very interesting. I'm flattered with the amount of trust they have on me and I shall not disappoint them in any ways.

Oh did I mention that my dad actually brought my Yamaha APX with him last week? YUP!! My first baby is with me now (My second will be my PS2, third is my PSP, last but not least, the cheeky frog.... heheheh)It's been nearly a year now since I last lay my hands on it. The pleasure of touching, strumming and plucking the strings and hugging its body, gave me the full-blown satisfaction, both to my ears and my soul. But nothing compares to the ultimate pleasure of handling a Taylor. I've promised myself that the Taylor will be mine soon, right after I've master some bloody difficult songs (and of course when I have the cash). But my first wish is to bring back home the Gibson Les Paul standard for my dad November next year.

Righty-ho, need to get back to work. Cappuccino anybody? Or maybe the more cold, sweet, tangy, fruity Mock Sangria or the smooth and rich, sweet, milky virgin Pina Colada?

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this job.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I hate saying goodbyes. I hate goodbyes. I hate tears. I hate farewell. I hate being thousand and thousand miles away from them. I hate shedding tears tomorrow when I finally have to wave goodbye. It's too soon. I wanna be there with them... I wanna be home...
It's there but it's not for touch. It's just right next to you, but you're prohibited from getting near. Just look but not feel or move. It's hard, but that's just the way it is. Getting a train back tomorrow. Maybe next week will be a better tomorrow.