Monday, March 13, 2006

Watching Seth and Summer together reminds me a lot of the fairy-tale love I used to imagine about. Moments when I was so carried away when Squall in FFVIII actually pulled Rinoa towards him and kissed her. My knees goes all weak thinking of the time when Rinoa showed him the shooting star and he then looked at her with his dreamy eyes. Feeling flattered when Domiouji tried to protect Tsukushi even though he clearly knows that she is capable of protecting herself. When Tidus tried to give the best that he can to Yuna, and protecting her from his own evil father, Sin.
Fairy tales always try to picture a heroic quality in a man and the soft, fragile character in a woman. What makes these mentioned characters different from the so called cliché is that the woman is not that soft, helpless person after all. They can fight, they speak their mind and they can be independent if they want to. Of course there are times when they want to feel protected by their men and reveal the fragile side of them but most of the time they are in control of themselves.

To find someone who shares the same interest with you is not easy and to find someone who can actually feel what you’re feeling inside is something totally different and even harder. To find someone who can actually read your mind when you slowly fall deeper and deeper into your own fantasy. You kind of know that he understands what’s going on in your own fairytale mind. The best thing is that he actually made it happen in real life. Although fantasising is far from being realistic but there are certain things that are doable despite their existence only in manga or playstation games. And the best part is that when he says that you kind of remind him of the girl in the game. It might sound weird but flattering enough.

Saying all these does not mean that I'm not grateful with all the love my special someone has given me, don't get me wrong. I love him the way he is. This is just me drifting into my own final fantasy.

As for me, games gave me this satisfaction that I know it’s too good to be true. Call me Alice or whatever but I love being that person whenever I watch the story line. I’m glad to find a friend who genuinely share the same interest and actually knows what’s going on in my head and not judge me for that. I guess Seth treats Summer in the way that I'd be in awe of, with their 'Captain Oats' and 'Princess Sparkle', is because Seth can see what I often see in my fantasy.