Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Girl Has Finally Spoken

I know it has been a looooooooooooong loooooong while since I last rambled on this blog. As usual, one month is enough to create a book about my life. I'll just cut the crap and go straight to the highlights...


1 Rabiulawal 1427 A.H (31st March 2006), Friday, 0601 hrs,

A 3.6kg handsome young boy was born in Pantai Mutiara Hospital, Penang

Ahmad Daniel Hakimi

He's my first ever nephew and as you could have guessed, he's gonna get all my attention and love now :) Can't wait for this October when I can finally hold him in my arms.. you are my dearest little angel... Ahmad Daniel Hakimi


5th April 2006, Wednesday

Working life sucks but the money is good. I mean, better than getting nothing at all. But now that the other house officer is back, things are starting to fall into place. Enjoying it. But my next rotation will be really hectic. Getting there slowly.. but surely.. :)


8th April 2006, Saturday,

Northumbria Malaysian Night 2006

setlist - mimpi yang sempurna / empty decorations / bonda / tanya sama itu hud hud / (encore) sweet child o' mine

Band Members - me, Lan, Bud, Apex (not in pic)

*copyright - kkrik.

More pics can be found at krik's fotopages

p/s: waiting for more pic from kudo (hint! hint!)


14th April 2006, Friday

I'm.... alone


The End