Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Manchester 24th - 27th June 2006
It’s been a while since I last ranted on this blog of mine. Life has been busy but really interesting for the past few months and by this I really mean, work, and not much else. Other than being blessed with two new good friends, my life has been evolving around saving old people’s lives. Nothing fancy like in ‘E.R.’ or ‘House’ and not too crazy like in ‘Scrubs’ but more like seeing how cute old people are when they go all demented.

Like I was saying the other day to my friends, I haven’t been blogging so much lately because I have nothing else to talk about for the past few months but medicine and patients. I’d rather keep stories of my working life away from public firstly because it’s unethical, and secondly because by the time I got back from work, I’ll be lying flat on my bed (yup, together with my bleep and waking up clueless and cranky when the cardiac emergency test call goes off at 10pm every night)

So, something had come up to actually make me log into this account and type some things. Last weekend was my first ever long holiday weekend since I started working. I was off from Friday until Tuesday – yup! 5 days off work!

I have spent a wonderful weekend with some dear friends in Manchester. Oh, I think I’ve never mentioned in this blog that I’ve actually bought myself a car. Yes!! My first ever car! She’s my babe right now, a Toyota Yaris in black! Oh, Kudo and some other friends, including my colleagues at work find it amusing that I’m insured by Sheila’s Wheels. OK! Despite the annoying advert they have on the telly, I’ve got a really good deal from them ok, but Kudo has to be my second driver until I obtain my full UK licence (arrghhh, I feel like I have to be babysit by Kudo).

Anyway, I had such great fun in Manchester. Ash was suppose to join us but considering her ticket price to Manchester from Southampton could have got her a trip to Spain instead, she just had to pass. Drove to Manchester with Delirium on Saturday morning and we were greeted with a farewell BBQ party for Rahal, a friend of mine who’s going back home to Malaysia for good next week. I’m still drooling thinking of the BBQ chicken, the tender sweet lamb and the fine taste of grilled salmon. Not to mention the burgers and hot dogs from Kudo. My junk food came in handy as well (FYI – Delirium and Kudo).

It was nice to see how Syafikah had grown up really fast and how much smarter Hidayah has got as she grows older (Pssttt... I think she has a crush on Uncle Nadine. Tee hee). Both of them are really cute and I’m glad to know that they are expecting a baby brother end of this year... congrats Hanee!!

That night we were suppose to go bar-hopping at the Gay Village on Canal Street but by the time we got there, we couldn’t get hold of a few other friends who had started the night earlier and plus, Kudo apparently wasn’t appropriately dressed for the night (really??!! I’ve told you many times that YOU DON’T NEED your black hot pants and your pink tube top to enter these bars - you just wouldn’t listen to me. And it’s ok to smile back at the cute, tall GUY with platform heels and long curly dark hair that night, at least he had big boobs!!). And so, we ended up with some take-away kebab and spent the rest of the night at Fadh’s place instead.

The night was great. We had the ‘heart-to-heart’ talk amongst ourselves while Kudo had already comfortably drifted to ‘LA-LA Land’. It was until the time when we started talking about more serious things (to quote Kudo, things that could have changed the world) that we heard some funny noises from Kudo (The ‘uungghh’ sound which I belief Ash and Jim would remember – the cinema incident). Apparently he was having an episode of sleep paralysis and was trying to get some help from us. We were so worried about him and I started screaming ‘what’s happening to him!!!???’ and Fadh was about to call 911 and Nadine was about to do mouth-to-mouth and Din... where’s Din? Oh he was still on the phone with honeybunch, everything was so chaotic and everyone panicking – YEAH RIGHT! The reality was this: all of us looked at him at once, with blank faces, and burst out laughing.. hehhe hehhe… no offence, Kudo, we ‘were’ worried about you. Thank God you were ok (ha ha) – ‘tak boleh bawak majlis’.

We left Fadh’s place at 6.30 am and had a 3-hr sleep at Hanee’s place before we went for a nice sushi experience at Samsi. We stuffed ourselves with fresh raw catches from the sea and a selection of deep friend tempura and finished our meal with a sweet Japanese dessert loved by Doraemon, the doriyaki.

Monday was spent entirely with Fadh. Sometimes, you don’t know how someone can be such a great friend until you have a second chance to be with that person again. But sadly, she’s leaving soon to Malaysia, for good. We shopped around Manchester city centre, had coffee at Starbucks and ended our night with 2 movies – The Lake House and Imagine Me & You. Did I mention how awkward we felt after watching the second movie? I swear to God I didn’t know that the movie was about lesbians and Fadh was surprise that I wanted to watch it but she just went along anyway. Hahaha…. Sorry Fadh!! Nope, I’m straight!! I’m sure you are too… so, no big fuss huh???!! Heheh… And no, Nadine, no extra scenes for you.

Overall it was such a great, short weekend getaway for me. I’m so happy that Hanee got the job, she’s expecting soon and everyone was so warm and welcoming. Not to mention my beloved family at Rizkee. Thanks so much for the ‘sambal sotong’ and the mouth-watering ‘nasi goreng’. To Yani, hang in there, ya? Things will be ok if you follow your heart and at the same time control your emotions.

So, any more good weekends for me? Counting my days for my trip to Spain this July. I have got the ticket ready but I still need to sort a lot more things out. Not to mention the readings that I have to do about Spain. At least now I know that Portugal is to the west of Spain and North Africa lies down south, hehh hehehe… Hope our ‘sheep-lover’ will join us, don’t wanna have to bear Anuar’s and Kudo’s love scenes alone!!! Please…. Heheh

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