Friday, July 28, 2006

The Frog Speaks Again: Part II


Despite still being in my holiday mood, it has now been 6 days since I came back from my fantastic vacation in Spain. Not like some people I know, I’m not intending to write a book or to post countless entries about my vacation, hehehe… no offence Kuds! What I can summarise here is that I had a fantastic trip to Spain, covering 5 interesting cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Andalusia: Seville, Cordoba, Granada) in a short time but enough for me to enjoy Spanish culture and music, eat fantastic Spanish cuisine, spend time with my good friend in Madrid, not to mention that he’s a fantastic host too, and last but not least, I had a fantastic travel mate all the way till the very last day.

13th – 15th July 2006

Arrived on Thursday at the airport, picked up by Anuar who purposely hide behind this wall and made me searched for him like a crazy, ‘jakun’ tourist. Went back to his apartment in a taxi which pretty much looked like the Penang ‘teksi sapu’ heehe… Other than the extremely boiling temperature, Madrid is a really busy city with skyscrapers and countless people. Inhaling dusty air with a quenching thirst is not really a good combination. I felt like a roasted duck walking in town. Despite all those things, my fantastic host managed to put a blind on us and showed the better sides of Madrid.

We had a fantastic time walking around the plazas (Spain has countless plazas - an open area, surrounded by a square building which are apartments, cafes and restaurants), made a mess of our hands and faces with gelatos, walked around the gardens, listened to live music and the crowd from his balcony and of course, I had a wonderful dinner cooked by him. I have to admit, for someone who actually cooked for someone else for the first time (according to him), he actually impressed me. I would love to have another taste of his carbonara. Oh, and I loveeee the gazpacho.

Kudo landed in Madrid the day after. This time, we both picked him up. He just have this ‘thing’ that makes people just can’t stop picking on him. It was funny but fun to finally have him around. He dressed up like a total tourist with his big camera around his neck and his newly bought Berghaus Backpack. Hehhe.. We spent the next 2 days exploring the city, doing some shopping (rebajas/sale everywhere ok!!), ate tapas, ate more tapas and night time was spent at this kedai mamak ‘Chocolateria’ where apparently the best churros was served (according to the Lonely Planet and our Madrid old-timer).

We flew to Barcelona on Saturday night. Anuar was supposed to join us but he had to cancel the plan due to some commitment at work. The time spent in Madrid was short but we spent most of the time hanging out and eating tapas and more tapas.
Kudo will give you a more comprehensive elaboration on the places that we visited and dined. You can also take a peek on the pictures that I managed to take when I was there.